For Sale by Owner 1961 Ford Thunderbird - $8,400

"...unique in all the world."

 An unmistakable new bodystyle for the Ford Thunderbird arrived in 1961, yet it continued to be the trend car of the time.  Not a hair wider nor a tenth of an inch longer, this Thunderbird preserved all the features that made it the world's most wanted car.  Yet the 1961 Thunderbird was so uniquely new that it stood alone in the fine car field.  

After you've become acquainted with this Thunderbird, you'll know that you made a prideful and satisfying choice in selecting the car with motoring luxury that is unique in all the world!


Engine Code: Z - Thunderbird 390 Special V-8 (300 Horsepower); 4-Barrel Holley Carburetor/Dual Exhaust Sys Transmission Code: 4 - Cruise-O-Matic (Automatic, 3-Speed) Rear Axle Code: 6 - 3.00:1 Wheelbase: 113 inches Length: 205 inches (Overall)  Width: 75.9 inches Height: 52.5 (Hardtop) Weight: 3,958 pounds Body: 63A - 2-Door Hardtop Color: M - Sahara Rose Trim: 54 Date: 19D (April 19)

Made in the U.S.A. by Ford

Convertable Cameo in "Andy and the Woman Speeder"